In recent past, our Cambodian economy has been severely affected by war, leaving our economy weak and vulnerable, over-reliance on the foreign economy. From the point of view that the majority of Cambodian business people and entrepreneurs are adopting their family-run business model from their parents without a clear vision and plan. Moreover, they lack of knowledge, experience, and have limited ability to lead and manage a standard business, so they are facing:

  • Challenges in staff management
  • Challenges in financial management and raising capital
  • Challenges in building brand identity of the products and services
  • Challenges in using management system with modern technology
  • Challenges in expanding the business to the fullest potential
  • Challenges in managing the business and becoming slave to their own businesses
  • Vulnerability to compete with businesses from expatriates or foreign investors
  • Challenges in with losing happiness in family (having too little time for spouse, children, parents)

Based on the factors mentioned above, Mr. Om Seng Bora resigned from his position as CEO of Vision Fund Microfinance on January 1, 2010, where, thank to his leadership role, he had established a legacy of leading an Internationally recognized organization and being ranked the top institution among its other branches from 47 countries. Since then, He has shared his knowledge and experience in training Cambodian entrepreneurs, so that they have access to knowledge and practical experience in managing and producing international standard business entities. Then, as he learned that business owners have to train continuously to deal with problems in the company, so, he formally launched the CEO Master Club on January 1, 2014, in which provides a lifetime membership. Members of the CEO Master Club are entitled to lifelong training and consultation, plus networking among members, nationwide and international-wide. CEO Master Club not only helps its members to grow faster, and become more profitable, but also helps them to secure happiness in their families.

CEO Master Club is a coaching institution for small and medium-sized business owners in Cambodia to transition them to be professional executives; so that they are highly capable in managing their businesses from small to medium-size, from family-run to standard, as well as broadening sales network, enhancing brand reputation, and thus contributing to building a strong domestic economy. In the past 10 years, the CEO Master Club has trained tens of thousands of Cambodian entrepreneurs and around 1,100 members (lifetime membership), which collectively manages about 2,000 businesses with business transaction of more than one billion US dollars per year. They are creating around ten thousand jobs for Cambodia.

As a result, CEO Master Club is recognized and highly regarded by national and international entrepreneurs, and is encouraged to establish CEO Master Club branches in other countries. CEO Master Club has, in fact, established its representative office in Texas, United States, in order to leverage its members to enlarge their businesses’ transaction, increases Cambodia’s trade globally and promote Cambodia’s reputation on international stage.