Leadership Towards Advanced Success

Leadership Training Program Towards Top-Level Success
Coached by Mr. Om Sengbora, Founder #CEO_Master_Club

Are you

  1. Want to be a happy, honorable, and wealthy person?
  1. Want to be a very influential person in leading yourself, leading your family, leading your organization and leading society?
  2. Want to be an emotionally strong person who can take on big tasks and solve big problems?
  1. Want to be a person who can let go of hatred, anger, jealousy, anxiety and negativity and start creating endless happiness for yourself, family and those around you?

Join For participation, please contact:
23023 6666 999
87087 887 718
85085 311 183
10010 386 543
10010 333 041
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Mr. Orm Seng Bora


Dec 14-15, 2019


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